12 Month Installment Loans

12 month installment loans might be a good option for people who need to borrow some money but lots of questions usually arise in borrowers because they want to find the best solution to manage their financial situation effectively.

There are really a few important matters to keep in mind, and in this article, you will find out more detailed information on that.

About 12 Month Installment Loans

These are loans that you will have to repay within 12 months, including both principal and interest.

Usually, this solution is suitable for people who apply for a large amount of money that they cannot or do not want to return the debt quicker.

There are lots of lenders that you can apply with today, including banks, financial institutions, as well as peer-to-peer lenders. Popular amount of loan is $1,200.


You should know that conditions and requirements may vary from lender to lender; therefore, it is important to conduct your own research on the topic based on the following factors:

  • Your salary;
  • Your location;
  • Your credit history and others.

Is Bad Credit Ok?

While it is a usual practice to pay attention to a financial history of a borrower, there is a pretty tough competition on the market, and you will find lots of different lending services offering loan with no credit check.

However, you should understand that if something like this is indicated on a website of a lending company, this does not mean that you will be approved.

Also, such loan providers often take a higher interest from people with a poor credit history.

In many cases, people are just rejected, so what can they do?

One of the options that you can consider is applying for a secured loan.

In this case, you will have to provide your lender with collateral, which will be taken from you if you fail to pay your debts back.

This will also allow you to get better conditions; however, it is essential to understand all the risks associated with this option.

Where to Apply?

It is so easy to apply for a loan online because you do not have to go anywhere and the entire application process can be completed within a few minutes.

However, it is crucial to find a service provider with a valid license.

For instance, if you live in California, you should find those companies operating in your state legally.

Usually, this information is available on companies’ websites, but you may need to conduct additional research or contact the support team for more info.

Then you just need to compare the conditions of several companies and choose those that you like the most.

This is not all because it is also important to check the reputation of each of them to find the most reliable service provider.